Relief Sculpting for CNC wood carving

A high polygon, fully detailed Relief Sculpting.
Fully manually hand-made Relief Sculpting.
It was created in 56 pieces, one by one, by me.
It wasn't an automatic process/procedure.

This Relief Sculpting was designed in 56 different pieces, so the client was able to put together and move everything by his desire and choice and also was able to transform everything as he wanted to.

For Example : The client was able to change the depth of "Dragon's head" or the Depth of the "Dragon's Teeth" of the dragon , or to move the "Moustaches" of the dragon or to move the hands or to transform into a bigger /thicker or smaller /thinner the "Stars" or the body of the dragon.

Everything was modular.
This is the most Flexible Design when it comes to CNC machinery.
And that is why it takes time to deliver the project.

Created entirely in Zbrush.
The client gave me one photo and I Re-Created in Pixel-Perfect coordinates the 3D Relief sculpt for CNC Wood carving machinery.

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