Login Room for MMO Game

This is a room I created in Maya ( Low Poly base models ) ,then into Zbrush to sculpt the high poly models and then back to Maya for UV Unwrapping , and finally to Substance painter for baking all the textrures and also paint them.

It was a lovely experience , because I had to create so many different assets from so many different categories.
Weapons and Armors parts .. such as the one-hand hammer and one-hand sword , and Armor parts such as the helmet.
and also a Dry Tree with the roots trying to reach the Pedestal with the fire lamps.
The Doors are animated and they are opening.
The Pedestal , which is in the middle of the room , is where the Character of the player will get summoned.

Once the player choose the hero he wants to login into the server , the two big doors will open right in the middle.

In the near future I will create a Unity3D Project and re-create the entire room inside Unity3D and make everything animated to also record a video here for my Portfolio.

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